About Me

File_000I am interested in the way technology both connects and disconnects society. Social media brings people across the world together while simultaneously distancing people from face-to-face interactions. I believe social media has the potential for much more than just sharing pictures of someone’s lunch or ranting about the bad weather. We have a responsibility to take advantage of the powerful tools available to us. In my work, I try to understand how to really harness its potential. My fascination with social media led to my study of computer science. I am now proficient in Java, Objective-C, Python, Apex, C, C++, MySQL, SOQL, JavaScript, HTML, Sass, and CSS. I am empowered by understanding the mechanics of systems that I interact with every day. Now I strive to hack these systems and not accept the status quo.

San Francisco, CA – kinseyschell@gmail.com

Press: Tech-Savvy McGehee Student Wins Top Scholarship – The Times Picayune

Instagram: @kinseyschell

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