Talking With Strangers

For our final project Peter, Crystal, Elena and I were inspired by conversation. We each chose different mediums to interpret the theme and create a unique yet cohesive exhibit. My element of the project was to pull the viewer into the conversation. At the Salon de The, we observed conversation from afar, but I wanted to force the viewer to be able to impact what was being displayed. The message that is written and unwritten depending on motion says “Cher inconnu, c’etait agréable de vous rencontrer.” In English this translates to “Dear stranger, it was nice to meet you.” I chose to keep the work in French as it was the language of our initial experience at the cafe. The ephemeral quality of the work is intended to complement the playfulness of the message. When placed with the three other works, the video and text serves as a bridge from Elena’s documentary video and Crystal’s text “Void.”


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