Palais de Tokyo: Philippe Parreno

“Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the World” by Philippe Parreno is an incredible and overwhelming exhibition that is currently showing at Palais de Tokyo. I have seen the exhibit twice and both times served as it’s own distinct experience. Upon walking in the audience is immediately confronted with a giant luminous sign displaying cost, hours, and the title of the exhibit. From then on, the viewer is confronted with concentrated amounts of light and sound. Some of my favorite pieces include the LED instillation on the main floor, Marilyn, and the Soccer Room. Marilyn was one of my most favorite works that I had the pleasure to experience in Paris. It is charged with depth and emotion. Even without knowing that the video is a video from the late Marilyn Monroe’s perspective in her hotel room, it grabs your attention. I sat there with my 14 year old brother, who doesn’t sit still, for over half an hour. In addition to these three noteworthy pieces, the entire exhibit is full of captivating works. It was a great exhibit to take my “anti-tourist” father to so that he could enjoy impressive works without having to get caught up in the sea of tour flags, iPhones, and iPads at a more traditional institution.

On a separate trip, I went to Tokyo Eat for brunch on a Sunday Afternoon. It was heavily populated, loud, and a little overwhelming under the big red lights (much like the exhibit). I mention this because the whole atmosphere and what the building has to offer effects the audience and ways in which the space is viewed. Palais de Tokyo is very different then a small gallery in the Marais as it offers many different elements including a large scale exhibition so it is important to take note of this.


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