Le Musée de la Chasse

IMG_8191IMG_8193and the owl, don't forget the owlIMG_8195IMG_8197Deer bagpipe #vom
KITTYS!!!!IMG_8200IMG_8208hakuna matataIMG_8203IMG_8204
This museum is one of the most unique exhibit spaces in Paris. It was not intended to be a museum, which effects the flow and the content of the space. The exhibit serves as an homage to the art of hunting. The taxidermy is incredible. Once again, the experience is unsettling yet painstakingly interesting. The most daunting piece is the deer (Elk?) bagpipe paired with the video showing it’s execution. The creators hallowed the caucus and replaced the animal’s limbs with pipes through which air is pump and released. This produces sound that is reverberated within the deer’s stomach. Additionally, the video on the top floor displaying a women being injected with animal blood is also unpleasant. Although it is definitely worth a trip to this distinct space, I would recommend to definitely not go on an empty stomach.

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