Sabancı Museum


Sabancı Museum, a set on Flickr.

The Anish Kapoor exhibit is currently showing at Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, Turkey. When you arrive at the museum you walk up a steep hill, through gardens and arrive at a gorgeous view and the first of many Kapoor sculptures. There are three mirror Kipoor sculptures in the museum’s gardens that resemble the iconic bean shaped work in Chicago. These sculptures are just a preview to the mind blowing (quite literally) works ahead. Walking into the space, you are instantly confronted with a giant stone. The stone juxtaposes from hard, rough, organic edges and smooth, finely furnished curves. As you progress through, there are large scale satin and fiberglass rectangles on the walls. These rectangles lead to what appears to be worm holes that vanish into the abyss. This psychedelic mind game continues throughout the entirety of the exhibition. In the midst of these optical illusions are other large-scale pieces that with their pink, viney texture resemble body parts. It is a very interesting pairing. When I reached the end of the show I was relieved. Though I enjoyed the works, they were incredibly overwhelming and difficult to process. You are constantly trying to work out the space and reconcile how something can appear so infinite.  Needless to say, it is a very impressive collection and despite leaving with a headache, I highly recommend it.


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