MoveTube is software that makes famous YouTube videos come to life. The project was inspired by playing around with the motion in front of a computer screen and customizing ridiculous videos that millions of people can recognize. I used Pure Data to write the code and then exported the folder as an independent software, so that downloaders don’t even need PD. It is fun and easy to use. Every ten seconds the software switches between 6 viral YouTube videos. From there, the webcam on the computer detects motion and manipulates the video accordingly. The actual length of each video is only 4 seconds, and are all edited to correlate with side-to-side movement.


Videos used:
Evolution of Dance – 230,169,141 views
Scarlet Takes a Tumble – 28,077,915 views
Beyonce Single Ladies Dance – 23,098,312 views
Pug Head Tilt X 4 – 3,650,047 views
Kodiak Bear Waving – 2,984,853 views
Baby Peeking Around Corner

Feel free to make the code yours!


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