Delayed American


American Airlines and US Airways recently merged and redesigned their entire brand for the first time in 50 years. To launch their fresh new sleek style, the company is running a campaign entitled “the new American is arriving.” Inspired by recent events in Syria, I wanted to force people to question whether or not the new American is really arriving. Are we progressing? Or is the way we handle government moving us backwards. With photoshop I edited one of the American Airlines ads and simply switched the words “arrived” to “delayed” and “US AIRWAYS” to “US ARMY.” I also added smoke in the background to create a war landscape as well as fighter planes flying above. I printed out several copies of the image and lamented them to look like the safety pamphlets you would find on the airline seat. I planted them in the backs of numerous airplane seats. These subtle changes are a way to force the travelers on the plane to question, even for just a moment, America’s future and where we are headed.

Delayed American, a set on Flickr.


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