Galerie Yvon Lambert

Galerie Yvon Lambert was one of the more underwhelming galleries I have been to in Paris. Although the gallery lies behind a grand door, catercorner to a quaint building with green vines adorning it’s walls, the gallery was nothing out of the ordinary. Yvon Lambert is currently exhibiting BERTRAND LAVIER Walt Disney Productions. Safe to say, I wasn’t entirely impressed. The exhibit consisted of two rooms and a total of seven works. Although quantity over quality is not the goal, I was not too taken away by the works there. The paintings were either large scale squares or circles with squiggly lines. There just wasn’t much to look at or react to. The couple that was there and myself might have spent a total of five minutes in the gallery.  From what I could tell, they were not too impressed either. Overall, I like the location of the gallery and the space they had. Maybe a different exhibition is worth trying?

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