Galerie Thaddeus Ropac

This gallery had a very large and powerful space. Thaddaeus Ropac is currently showing Lee BUL Pure Invisible Sun, Marcin MACIEJOWSKI Fine Gesture, Georg BASTELITZ Le Cote Sombre, and according to their website Robert MAPPLETHORPE Curated by Isabelle Hupbert (I must have missed this). When you walk through the massive door, through the reception, you are confronted by a large white luminous room. Bul’s work Pure Invisible Sun is overpowering. Even on an overcast day like yesterday the light from outside danced on the mirrors. Bul also places with artificial light. In the corner a 20 foot piece stands holding what appears to be over a hundred exposed light bulbs. However, my favorite piece was the sculptor of the human/deerhead made out of mirrors. I also really enjoyed the hanging piece that acted as a chandelier to the grand room. After exiting this exhibit the winding stair case can either bring you up to Maciejowski or down to Bastelitz. After experiencing Bul’s work I was not as effected by the proceeding exhibits. Maciejowski had a painting of a spectator spectating which was interesting to see. I was also the only spectator in the gallery at the time, so all the pictures above are only of the work that was showed.

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