Galerie Perrotin

Galerie Perrotin is currently exhibiting work by Michael SAILSTORFER, Claude RUTAULT, Sun YUAN & Peng YU, and Paola PIVI. This gallery was my favorite of the three I visited. From the mouse elevator to the interesting passage ways and doors, the viewing experience at Perrotin is nothing but mondane. Right when you walk into the gallery you are confronted by Sailstrofer’s massive Statue of Liberty sculptor rotating 360 degrees while her torch tears into the drywall. There is also a massive tube that winds it’s way on the floor of the exhibit. It is unmarked. The entire time you are hoping around it, with no idea if it is apart of the mechanics of the sculptors or a work in and of itself. My second favorite exhibit was Dream by Yuan and Yu. It was in this space that I encountered the most amount of spectators. Everyone was confused, intrigued, and mesmerized by the work. One of the rooms was full of manikins dressed like upper class business men and women with giant rocks for heads. They are so realistically dressed, posed, and placed that at first glance the manikins appear to be real people. I couldn’t help but laugh at the couple that was posing with the people. Even siting on a business man’s lap. Overall, this gallery was one of the most unique and exciting gallery I have been to in Paris.

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