“State of Play” Day

IMG_5968IMG_5970Opium - Jonone 2002Starshooter - Poch 2011IMG_5975IMG_5976
IMG_5985Kingstone - LXA 2012IMG_5988IMG_5989IMG_5990IMG_5995

Located on Rue Quincampoix, home to many modern art galleries, Agnes B is currently showing an impressive and overwhelming street art exhibit. The title “Etat des Lieux,” meaning “State of Play,” completely encapsulates the works scaling the walls and ceiling. From walking into hidden gallery on is immersed in saturated colors, themes, and 3-d art. Notable artists include Lek & Sowat, Monsieur Qui, Poch, Ludo, Pal, LXA, Wayla, 36Recyclab, Seth, Anti, and Fantin Leroux. One of the most captivating pieces is a largescale painting of a lime green butterfly by Ludo that immediately grabs you after walking through the entering corridor. Also, Lxa’s stone sculptures of graffiti tabs are not only skillfully crafted but play with the idea of new and old, ephemeral and inscribed in time. Overall the exhibit is well thought out and includes a wide range of media: video, sound, painting, and illustration. I highly recommend it.

IMG_6004When I left the gallery I began wandering up and down Rue Quincampoix and admiring the galleries and stores. After what seemed like an hour I finally noticed that there was a bicycle mounted 20 feet high on a wall on the street. I had no idea that the entire time I had been walking under the flying bike. I began to wonder, “how many other people walked by the floating bike and never noticed it?” So, I sat down at a closed restaurant across the street and started my experiment. I decided for the next hour I would sketch the bike (so I’d be constantly directing my attention to it) while people passed by and count how many people passed by it. After 20 minutes 100 people passed by. 7 noticed the bike and 83 had no clue. More people looked at me sitting there sketching my amateur sketches then at the ghost bike hovering above. People.


I only IMG_6178stayed for 20 minutes, because after that I was mauled by a homeless man who kept insisting in French that I should look up some French artist and I HAD to stop drawing the bike to go around the corner to look at a fountain.? Or, at least that’s what my high school French translated the instructions to be. After a solid 5 minutes of entertaining his company I decided it was time to go. So that was that. 20 minutes and all I have to show for myself is a few photos, jester drawings, and a homeless friend named Arnaud (pictured above).

“State of Play” day, a set on Flickr.


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