Orange is the New Orsay


The Musee l’Orangerie is currently setting up for an exhibition that will open in early October, so instead I reviewed the museum as a whole. If you’re looking for a place to experience impressionist and post impressionist works of art, l’Orangerie is one of the best places to go. At the d’Orsay the amount of people is overwhelming and takes away from the experience. At the d’Orsay if I wanted to get close to a painting I would have to fight my way through. Specifically the top floor (Rodin, Cezanne, Monet etc.) was a nightmare. It’ was as if the crowd picked you up and carried you through the space. Although Musee l’Orangerie has a much more modest collection, the experience makes it superior. The downstairs exhibits are inspiring and showcase impressionism at its finest. Finally, the top floor hosts Monet’s famous large scale water lily paintings. The space is designed to allow spectators to sit and view for hours. No rush, no cameras, just enjoying Monet’s saturated colors and brushstrokes. There are also 60 minute movies that play hourly exploring the history of modernism and postmodernism. By far one of my favorite museums in Paris.

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